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Tlacuilart FAQ

Where does the name Tlacuilart come from?

It is a combination of tlacuilo + art, pronounced: tl as in Seattle, tlah kweel art. Tlacuilo is the Aztec keeper of art and culture found in carvings in Mexico, a country rich in artistic and cultural heritage. You can see him as our logo on the first page of the website.

Who is Alfonso Martinez Mendez?
Alfonso is a professional artist from Mexico, now living in California, who has been painting since
1967. See his bio on this website.


What inspires Alfonso?
Alfonso is inspired by curiosity, a desire to learn, a drive to paint, and to explore forms, color and
texture. See his philosophy on this website.


How did Tlacuilart come to exist?

After leaving the field of illustration, Alfonso dedicated himself full time to painting—primarily abstracts—as well as watercolors, pen and ink, and pencil portraits.

What kind of media does Alfonso use?

He uses primarily acrylic and texturing material for abstract paintings, watercolors for smaller representational work, and pen or pencil for sketches.

How should I care for my original acrylic painting or canvas wrap?

The paintings are sealed with a professional sealer. Dust your painting with a soft cloth without applying sprays or cleaners. You can dampen the cloth with a little water if you wish.

How long does a painting take to complete?

This is a hard question to answer as Alfonso typically works on several pieces at one time, but it is fair to say that from the first sketches or blocking on canvas, a piece takes a total of weeks. There is also preparation of canvas, and framing as well.

How are prices determined?

The pricing of art represents not only the time and labor to produce a piece, but the experience, vision, and uniqueness of the artist. There are costs of materials and production, as well. Shipping and handling, as well as applicable taxes are taken into account.

Can reproductions be made of any of these original works?

A select number of abstracts lend themselves to canvas wrap (sometimes called gallery wrap) reproductions. Inquire via e-mail at

Does Alfonso take commission work?

Alfonso produces a few portraits a year. The price depends
on the medium, which can be oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolor or pencil, and the size of the work. He
can work from a photo or live subject. Inquire via e-mail at

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